The worlds of pop culture, street art and digital graphics come up against the work of the painter BB.Boss born in New York - he has been practicing artistic activity for a few decades in his free time, only when he was turned to me art that his achievements were noticed

Although BB Boss is not a full -fledged and self -taught professional painter, he remains in his works a total artist!

BB Boss therefore perfected his artistic skills through street art, pop art, digital and brut art becoming a remarkable self -taught artist. Although he does not work exclusively on his short break (internal doctor) but especially on his BB BOSS vacation on the advice of his friends and entourage will have finally taken a step that of making his creations accessible only to those who are physically capable of See them, either friends, family colleges, etc. Human beings always go higher, BB Boss began to experiment with new mediums. Inspired by animation, pop art also based on his career as an internal doctor,

 BB Boss uses his works to create parodies of our contemporary society. The dualist intentions behind the work of BB BOSS, offer a look at our society, with its excesses, this being for him above all a form of security valve, art bringing balance through another form of gaze and thought that the latter. imposes in his achievements

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Since 2019, BB Boss has been working on both canvas and on all forms of material recovery as mediums to make his art raw more accessible to all.

The conceptual side of my work is crucial in what I create. Open to pop art, street, graph and art brut, in short, to art open to traddigital, I mix cultural identities in references in my artistic affections, to create new subjects that allow me to put Light business issues ,.

Quite cold joker and therefore using black humor from time to time to the chagrin of my friends and colleagues, sarcasm to highlight serious problems while offering through my achievements a psychological escape to take place! Without anesthesia! .

The balance between works of art of pleasant appearance and the primitive raw side of execution is a key element of my approach. May my work relate to existing problems of all kinds and to the exploitation of information by the media, I use characters or entertaining subjects to bring to reflection and bring the gaze to another way of thinking, in short To mix different







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